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Learning journey LAMPA

Learning journey LAMPA

The third learning journey brought us to Cesis, Latvia, where the annual LAMPA Conversation Festival was organized. The LAMPA Conversation Festival was initiated in 2015 in Latvia in Cesis, a town 90 km north of the capital Riga.

The format of this festival is inspired by the democracy festivals in Denmark and Estonia. Democracy festivals are platforms for a constructive political dialogue across opinions, age, gender and hierarchy where people come together each summer to discuss how to improve their countries. Civil society activists, entrepreneurs, government officials, ministers and people at large sit together and casually talk about how to make their country a better place for everybody.

By organizing a learning journey at LAMPA, we aimed to test our earlier observations from Vienna and Rotterdam, and by doing so, to present a conceptualization of “vibrant civic spaces”.

The video below gives an impression of the learning journey at LAMPA.

This third learning journey also brought us to an end of our Vibrant Civic Spaces Initiative.

Download the Summary and Full Report.